Tracklist "40 Melodies":

1 True Story (Duo Version)
2 Free Spirit (Duo Version) (Ft. Jon Batiste)
3 Beirut (Duo Version)
4 Happy Face (Duo Version)
5 Hashish (Duo Version)
6 Défilé 1962 (Duo Version)
7 Harlem (Duo Version) (Ft. Marcus Miller)
8 Red & Black Light (Duo Version)
9 Kalthoum (Movement I) (Duo Version)
10 Esse Emme (Duo Version)
11 S3NS (Duo Version)
12 Celle que vous croyez (Duo Version)
13 InPressi (Duo Version)
14 Diaspora (Duo Version) (Ft. Trilok Gurtu)
15 Les Quais (Duo Version) (Ft. Kronos Quartet)
16 Will Soon Be a Woman (Duo Version)
17 Essentielles (Duo Version)
18 Radio Magallanes (Duo Version)
19 Maeva in Wonderland (Duo Version) (Ft. Richard Bona)
20 Surprises (Duo Version)
21 L'anniversaire (Duo Version)
22 Levantine Symphony No. 1 (Duo Version) (Ft. Lily)
23 Una Rosa Blanca (Duo Version) (Ft. Alfredo Rodriguez)
24 Improbable (Duo Version)
25 Le Grand Voyage (Duo Version) (Ft. Hüsnü Senlendirici)
26 Radiance (Duo Version)
27 L'Heure du T (Duo Version)
28 All I Can’t Say (Duo Version) (Ft. Sting)
29 Gebrayel (Duo Version) (Ft. Arturo Sandoval)
30 Marseille (Duo Version) (Ft. Vassilis Saleas)
31 Your Soul (Duo Version)
32 Shadows (Duo Version) (Ft. -M- (FRA))
33 Goodnight Kiss (Duo Version) (Ft. Munir Hossn)
34 Sensuality (Duo Version) (Ft. Jowee BasH! Omicil)
35 Questions & Answers (Duo Version)
36 Red Rose (Duo Version)
37 Election Night (Duo Version) (Ft. Frédéric Yonnet)
38 Ya Ha La (Duo Version)
39 Waiting (Duo Version)
40 Salma Ya Salama (Duo Version)
41 All Around the Wall
42 Layla's Wedding (Ft. Sarah Reich)
43 If I

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