Tracklist "Fragments":

1 Fuel On The Fire - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)
2 Auld Wives - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)
3 Can't You Hear It In The Silence? (Ft. Paul Frith)
4 Crow - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)
5 As The Clouds Began To Part (Ft. Paul Frith)
6 Isaac - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)
7 Fireworks Flashing (Ft. Paul Frith)
8 When You Break - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)
9 Broken Parable - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)
10 Breaker / Keeper - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)
11 Lightning Trying To Put Out A Spark (Ft. Paul Frith)
12 Napoleon - Fragments (Ft. Paul Frith)

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